Quick note on CU / UUCP

Quick notes on using CU to open a local tty device for direct communication to the serially attached device.


If your Unix host has UUCP enabled then you can open a tty device for Input/Output.
This is handy if you need to access any of our terminal servers for configuration.

This is a brief on using cu. For more details see your man pages on UUCP and cu.

Ensure that your system has UUCP. Type 'cu' at the prompt to verify.
Edit the ./uucp/Devices file
Add an entry for the tty device you want to open:
Direct [device name] - Any direct
Example: Direct tty1a - Any direct

Use 'cu' to open the tty device:
cu -s [speed] -l [device name]
Example: cu -s 9600 -l tty1a

To disconnect, type '~.'

Refer to your man page for more details

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