Fiber communication - problems

Fiber communication - problems

Loss/poor fiber link or latency/packet loss in communications

- fiber polish Angle polished fiber connections (APC) must be mated with another APC, or a loss/reduction of signal will occur. APC can be found with SMF and the boot/shell is normally coloured green.

- loose connection Poor contact between the connector will result in signal loss/reduction.

- signal loss due to splices/connectors/bends. Any point where two fiber connections occur there will be signal loss. Bends in the fiber will cause internal reflection. In some cases a Transceiver with a higher power budget is required.

Over saturated fiber transmission

- short fiber cable with long distant transceiver.

If a 120K or 160K fiber transceiver (ie 100/1000base-ZX/BX) is used with a very short fiber cable (for testing), the receiving end may be over saturated by the high output of the transmitter. Use a longer fiber cable or twist the fiber cable around a pencil/pen to induce signal loss.

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