AT-FAST Hardware Related Questions

AT-FAST Hardware Related Questions

A 1. How do I distinguish between a DTE and Perle AT conversion
expansion box?

A label is displayed on the bottom of the unit.  Should this be removed then the Perle label on the top of the box is in different positions.  On the DTE it is more to the left side of the box and the Perle AT convention is central on the box.

A 2.

What is the octopus cable and what are the pin outs?

The octopus cable is for the 8 port cards only and as the name suggests it has one 78-pin connector for the card and from this is 8 cables with a DB-25 female connector on the end.  Each DB-25 connector has a number on it to specify the port number.  The pin-outs are the same as the DTE expansion box detailed later in this FAQ section.

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