Setting an ethernet MAC address in the IOLAN+ serial server.

How to set an ethernet MAC address in the Server menu of the IOLAN+ serial server


Take note of the ethernet MAC hardware address located on a label at the bottom of your IOLAN+ serial server.

In the Server menu of your IOLAN+, do the following:

1. Set the "Debug mode" to '2'.
2. Change the ethernret mac address to match the one located on the label at bottom of IOLAN+.
3. Save & exit the Server menu.
4. Reboot the IOLAN+.
5. Return to the Server menu again.
6. Set the "Debug mode" to '0'.
7. Save & exit the Server menu.
8. Reboot the IOLAN+.

The ethernet mac address should now appear correctly in the Server menu otherwise repeat the above steps again and if that doesn't work then you may be experiencing a hardware fault with the IOLAN+ which requires

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