Dial-out or Call back work sometimes

When using Dial-out or Call back on the 833IS or 833AS it works then fails then eventually works again after repeated attempts.

BRI lines or T1/PRI channels in the configuration have been enabled but are not attached.


Ensure that all unused BRI lines are disabled in the configuration. The Perle will always use the next available (enabled) channel for the Dial-out or Call back.

When viewing the Perle's event log note the channel that the Perle attempts to use for the Call back or Dial-out attempt.

Resource event log: S1CH03 S1M02 : freed from port 1
Resource event log: S1CH03 S1M02 : allocated to port 1 (CB)
Port: 1 Logoff user1
Resource event log: S1CH01 S1M01 : freed from port 1 (0-00010003)
Port: 1 Valid user logon user1
Resource event log: S1CH01 S1M01 : allocated to port 1 (DI-1234567890)

In the above example a call came in on Slot 1 Channel 1 and the Call back occured on Slot 1 Channel 3.
Channel 3 was enabled in the configuration but there was no physical ISDN line attached so the call failed.

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10/9/2003 9:15:59 AM
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1/15/2004 9:28:39 AM
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