Information on compatible Perle ports.

Information on compatible Perle products using RJ45/11/12 port signalling.


The following product groups have the same pin signalling:

Group 1
CS9000, Jetstream 8500, Jetstream 4000, Lanstream 2000, Jetstream 6000/RJX or RJ, RTA8/RJX, RRC16/RJX, SXDC8/RJX, MTA8/RJX

Group 2
Iolan+ 102/104, Iolan+ Rack 4/8/16, AT/PCI FAST 4, *UltraPort, UltraPort SI, *Iolan (S)DS

* The UltraPort and Iolan (S)DS 10 pin connector uses the same pin signalling on pins 2 - 9 as the Iolan+/Fast4 when configured for RS232. An 8 pin RJ45 connector will contact pins 2 - 9 on these 10 pin ports.

Group 3 - RS422 interface
Jetstream and Iolan+

Group 4 (discontinued product using the Non Standard pinouts)
Jetstream 6000/R, MTA8/R, RTA8/R

I/O8+, UltraPort 8i

NOTE: for specific details on the pinouts of a Perle card, please refer to the User Guide for your product type.

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