First steps in installing a Perle product.

How to install a ...
How do I install a Perle product.
First steps to installation.


Most Perle products will be packaged with a Quick Installation Guide brochure.
Use this guide to quickly start to install and use the Perle product.

For more detailed installation and for instructions on various configuration types, refer to the products User Guide / Manual found on the CD-ROM enclosed with the product.

Detailed pinout diagrams will also be found in the User Guide if you need to build cables to your devices.

User Guides / Manuals will most often be found on the CDROM supplied with the product, though some may be supplied with a hard copy manual.
Electronic copies for most Perle products are available for download from our website.

User Guide / Manual equivalents for discontinued products, note that some features on the current product described in the manual may not apply:

494 can use the 594 User Guide
SI, XIO can use the SX User Guide
MTS can use the JS6000 User Guide
400RAS can use the 833RAS User Guide

If the User Guide / Manual is not complete in the type of configuration you are using, use this Knowledgebase to search for other instructions.

If you require to obtain a copy of a product CDROM or User Guide please contact the Service/Sales group in your area.

If the User Guides and Knowledgebase do not provide the sufficient information to install/troubleshoot your Perle device then you may contact our Technical Support group. This option is available to the following customers:

  • customers who have purchased a new Perle product and have registered (online or mail) the product, have a 60 day (from date of purchase) Hotline support.
  • customer who have purchased a registered Perle Maintenance Contract (telephone or online), have full Hotline and Online support for the duration of the Contract.

Note: you must register your product before contacting Perle Technical Support.
See links below.

Perle "value added" resellers also provide direct technical support on our products; please contact your reseller for support options.

Perle Maintenance Contracts can be purchased through your reseller or directly from Perle.

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