Steel-Belted RADIUS configuration

Quick overview of the configuration of Steel-Belted RADIUS.


Select RAS Clients

Enter a friendly name
Enter the IP address of the Perle
Select the Make/Model (use -standard RADIUS- if not listed)
Edit Authentication Shared Secret
Enter the secret as configured in the Perle
optionally Edit Accounting Shared Secret if the secret is not the same as above

Select Users

Select Native User / Domain / SecurID
Within the Domain selection you can add a User or a Group

Select Check List Attributes
Ins (add) any attributes that you want to qualify this user. These attributes will be checked from the RADIUS Account Request Message sent by the Perle.

Select Return List Attributes
Ins (add) RADIUS attributes that need to be returned to the Perle.

Service-Type = Administrative

Note: CHAP pass-thru authentication is not supported for Domains on SBR.
For more details refer to your Funk Steel-Belted RADIUS support material.

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